Dezember 02, 2020

Guitar Picks Online 

Guitar picks are an essential piece of gear for every guitarist. Especially in the last two decades, the rise of the online communities has pushed the development of this product to a new level.

But, why do guitar players order guitar picks online? What are the advantages of ordering picks online?

We have thought about this recently and have summarized the main 9 advantages of ordering guitar picks online.

1 - There is a huge variety of guitar picks available online

Guitar picks can be made of everything you can imagine, out of metal, from wood pieces, out of high-tech thermoplastics, etc.

There are lots of guitar pick makers (like us) using their knowledge to create guitar picks that differ a lot from common guitar picks or mass production guitar picks.

The aim of these guitar pick makers is to create something unique with a specific purpose and to show their work to the world. Where can you find these people?
Well, it is as easy as going to Instagram and scroll through the hashtag #guitarpick. You will find everything from handmade boutique guitar picks with high purchase value, to limited edition bundles containing unique plectrums, or even super heavy 10 mm guitar picks.
Additionally, by choosing such an option, you are helping a small business that is creating these guitar picks for passion.
Guitar Picks online

2 - More information and detailed Descriptions for the Guitar Picks

Guitar picks rarely have proper packaging with the product description.

However, in most online shops for guitar picks, the product pages show you everything you need to know.

Usually they display a couple of pictures of the guitar picks, inform about the guitar pick material, the thickness, the shape, and they include a detailed description of the plectrum and its features.

In our case, we use pictures like this to condensate all the information:
Guitar Pick 1 mm

Nevertheless, we care a lot about packaging and want you to have this information in your hands as well
This is the reason we created a packaging with a lot of printing area.


Guitar Pick Set

You can visit online guitar pick websites and compare products. This will make you a more educated customer that can take decisions based on facts. It will make you reflect on your guitar playing style and which necessities your guitar pick should cover.

3 - Personal Contact with the Guitar Pick Makers 

It is as easy as sending an e-mail or a PM on Instagram, and you will be talking directly to us, the founders. 

Guitar Pick chat

In the social media era, small start-ups manage their own profiles by themselves. I have had great conversations with customers from all over the world about guitar picks! We receive lots of questions every week and try to answer every private message. So far, I think we have answered 100% of the messages, or at least I have tried!

Regarding this point: not only the customer profits from this, but also the guitar pick maker, who gets to know the customer in a more detailed way and becomes aware of the problems to solve.

A few months ago, I talked to a customer who had purchased his guitar pick Rombo Diamond back in July 2019, directly from our first campaign on Kickstarter. After a year of playing daily, he made a new order and sent us a picture of the new pick vs. the old one.

Guitar Pick old vs new

That was amazing! It was a great feeling to know that somebody had spent so much time with a product we have developed and that it still worked! Also, I wonder how he could keep the pick for so many months without losing it!

4 - Guitar Pick reviews are Gold!

Depending on how old you are, you probably remember the time when purchasing goods on the internet was a surprise: you wouldn't know if the product was of good quality until it arrived. 

It is very easy to find guitar pick reviews online, sometimes even on Youtube. These reviews can help you a lot. Especially if the product page of the guitar picks is missing some important information, like in the following this example, a review “Jan” left on Rombo Origami:


Guitar Pick review


Now, let’s suppose you want to purchase Rombo Diamond for your bass because of its guitar pick thickness. Maybe after reading this review you change your opinion!

5 - Reviews can trigger Changes in the Design of Guitar Picks

This point is connected to the previous one.

Considering that the founders read the reviews, and they can have direct influence on the product, the best idea you can have is to tell them what points you like/don’t like.

We have a very good example here in a review from Matt Samuel on the Guitar Pick Holder:


Guitar Pick Review

We received this review on the Guitar Pick Holder some weeks ago. After a couple of small workshops together, we have now designed a packaging, which we hope to implement in a couple of months.

A simple action like this can have a big impact on the product you will get! Thanks for that, Matt Samuel!

6 - Your Wishes will be fulfilled! 

In our big survey from June 2020, 1552 guitarists were able to choose the names of our new guitar picks. We had some ideas for their names, but two users offered a new fresh source of inspiration when they decided to give their input and suggest new names.

Rombo Horizon and Rombo Jade were suggested at the beginning of the survey by random users and the votes kept rolling in for those names. Two days later, these names were the winners and more customers kept voting for them until the survey finished. We will be using these names as soon as the guitar picks are launched in 2021. These two unknown participants are heros for us!

Guitar Picks

Some weeks ago we received an e-mail from a customer that said: “Hey guys, you should create a special edition of your guitar pick Rombo Origami in the color white, like paper origami”.

How cool is that? Of course we will do that sometime in the future, it is such a great idea! I can already visualize the packaging with different white tones and the white guitar picks on it and I just feel extremely happy to have such a great guitar community around Rombo picks.

7 - Online Guitar Pick Stores are open 24/7 

You can visit the stores anytime from your couch or while you commute in the metro. That’s quite practical!

8 - Very easy to ship!

Guitar picks are very small pieces of gear and they fit in a small envelope. This means, you don’t even need to be at home to get them delivered because they fit in your mailing box.

Guitar Pick Shipment

One of the best advantages of such small products is that they are very adequate for surprising your friends. Imagine you come home after a long day, you open the mailbox and find a strange letter on it containing a couple of cool guitar picks. That probably feels very good! This is one of the reasons we created the gift boxes.

Guitar Pick Gift Box

9 - New Guitar Gear for the Price of a Starbucks Coffee

Let’s admit it, sometimes we - guitarists - just want to shop a little bit and have a couple of new experiences trying new gear.

If you feel like this and don’t feel like spending much money, guitar picks are a very good option. Guitar picks are the loudest amplifier in our hands and will have a direct influence on the tone our guitars produce! Therefore, why not try lots of them and use them for different purposes?

In our article Guitar Picks for Beginners we talked about the importance of having at least 3 favorite guitar picks. Let’s go find them!


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