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Variety Plektren Geschenkbox besteht aus:

- 1 x ROMBO Gitarrenplektren Variety Pack mixed colours (12 Plektren)
- 1 x ROMBO Gitarrenplektren Variety Pack EcoBlack (12 Plektren)
- 1 x Gitarrengurthalter Set schwarz (2 Stück)
- 1 x Gitarrengurthalter Set weiß (2 Stück)
- 1 x Plektrenhalter Set (2 Stück)
- 2 x DIY Plektrenhülle aus Steinpapier
- 1 x Blanko Grußkarte (für deine netten Worten)

In der Variety Plektren Geschenkbox findest du alle ROMBO Bestseller verpackt in einer matt schwarzen Magnetbox. Ein perfektes Geschenk für jeden Gitarristen, der somit einfach mal was Neues ausprobieren kann.

Die Farben werden zufällig von uns ausgewählt.

Wenn jeder Song andere Anforderungen hat, warum immer das gleiche Plektrum verwenden?


Unterschiedliche Gitarrenpicks beeinflussen deinen Ton und dein Spiel. Eigenschaften wie Dicke, Material, Form und Größe des Plektrums definieren den Charakter eines Plektrums und spielen eine wichtige Rolle für den Ton und die Spielbarkeit.

Ein Variety Pack ist die beste Option für Spieler, die mit Texturen, Tönen und Plektrumtechniken experimentieren möchten.

Ideal für Anfänger, die sich für ihren Gitarrenweg noch nicht entschieden haben.
Bestens geeignet für fortgeschrittene Spieler, die die Klangerkundung verfolgen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Excellent picks, nice all around look and packaging. The two pick holders are slick also

Will Brockman
I use nothing else now!

I discovered Rombo during 2020, and decided to try out the first try out mix, and thought they were amazingly packaged, and started exploring them for my playing. For example, the Classic is great for acoustic strumming, the Diamond great for picking, and origami a good mix between the two.
Then they released the next set of models, including the Horizon. I now don't use any other picks, just the Horizon (for electric playing). I've used them on stage dozens of times, and I haven't dropped a pick once, and I feel like I can do anything with it. Like a previous review said, I didn't think I'd ever be excited for picks (at least since I was 14 when I discovered what picks Slash used maybe), but I genuinely get excited. I even had a 'lucky' yellow pick (I'm a bit superstitious when it comes to playing on stage), and It's been used regularly for 2 years, and only now it's starting to show signs of wear.
Couldn't recommend it enough - I would say get the mix first to try the models out - I think there's something for everyone in these models.
Can't wait to see what you do next!

Thx you guys rule!!!

Been playing guitar forever 50 years, lately hands 🤟arthritis been going nuts. Ur picks are great combination to overcome


These picks are great. I love the attack, I love the tone, I love the shape, I love the thickness of the Jades, which are the ones I have tried. They're SO close to being perfect, but my feedback is this: create a slightly larger model for bass players, and if at all, add more texture to all of your picks! I've sanded my picks to give them a little bit more texture for me to grip on to, but these things get slippery in minutes and that's my only gripe. With some advancements towards texture/grips, these will be the BEST picks on the market and I recommend for anyone around the world to try them.

Richard Ferguson
Legit Game Changers

I’ve used a ton of different picks over the years. When I first found a jazz iii, I was like man, it were only a bit bigger. Then, I found the XL & have been in love with them, ever since. They’re a perfect pick. I still love them. And how can you improve upon something perfect? Rombo, that’s how. After much debate, I settled on the Horizon. Wow. To say I was blown away, would be an understatement. First off, the packaging; absolutely top notch. Every single aspect about it. Incredibly impressive. As for the product itself…I can’t believe a guitar pick had me giddy haha. For real, though. I haven’t shut up about it, hardly. I took one to work with me. As it is, I definitely don’t need help, finding desire to play, but things things legitimately made me look forward to playing even more. I actually feel that they help me play better. I will 100% not only be ordering more ( and more & more ) but I’ll be spreading the good word, whether anyone cares or not. Funds have been tight lately (went way overboard on gear) so I told myself, prior to deciding to leave a review, at most, just ONE MORE 4 pack. For now, anyway. Well, I just ordered 8. Trying some diamonds & jades. Can’t wait. Till then, I’ll be trying to let go of these things, so I can actually be an adult. If you’re reading this, considering getting some…do yourself a favor & pull the trigger. They’re the highest quality picks I’ve ever seen/used. Not to mention, I’ve paid WAY more, for inferior picks. These can’t be beat.


Wir glauben, dass Formen, Materialien und Texturen für die vollständige Kontrolle jedes Akkords unerlässlich sind. Gitarrenpleks können uns dabei helfen.

Wenn es um Plektren gibt es diese vier Hauptmerkmale: Dicke, Form, Material und Größe. Diese Merkmale definieren ein Plektrum zu 80 %.

Die letzten 20% enthalten jedoch Verbesserungen und Liebe zum Detail, wodurch das Spielerlebnis viel komfortabler wird und du bessere Ergebnisse bei einem angenehmeren Spielerlebnis erzielst.



Jeder Gitarrist hat unterschiedliche Vorlieben. Während unserer Entwicklung haben wir so viele professionelle Gitarristen wie möglich einbezogen und sie gebeten, zu definieren, wie sich ihr perfektes Material anfühlen soll. mehr erfahren


Seit 2019 erforscht Rombo die Oberflächenbeschaffenheit und das Design, um die perfekte Balance zwischen Grip, Ergonomie und Funktion bei Gitarrenpicks und anderem Gitarrenzubehör zu finden.

Wir sind Judith und Carlos. Wir beide lieben Musik, Gitarren, Produktentwicklung, Herausforderungen und Liebe zum Detail, daher war Rombo die perfekte Ausrede, um all diese Dinge miteinander zu verbinden und einige spannende Abenteuer zu erleben.

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