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Guitar picks can be found in all shapes, colors, and materials. These small items used for specific guitar techniques can offer different tones, dynamic ranges, and ergonomics, and therefore create a totally different playing experience depending on the pick you use.

The aim of this series of articles is to inform you in detail in a way that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We want you to understand why we do what we do. So relax, hold your tea, and enjoy our first deep analysis on the guitar pick Rombo Diamond.

1 - Guitar pick Rombo Diamond: Overview

Guitar Pick Diamond

Exceptional picking control and accuracy. Favorite amongst advanced guitarists. The hole in the middle provides extra control and grip rate. Sharp tip for high attack, and clean bright tones.

2 - Guitar Pick Geometry Analysis

Guitar pick size

With its 28,4 x 25,5 mm, Rombo diamond can be considered a small-medium sized guitar pick.

Small guitar picks have several advantages: They perform exceptionally when practicing speed and are perfect for shred techniques.

With small-sized plectrums, your fingers are closer to the strings and you get more feedback from your guitar playing.

The downside of these picks is that they can be dropped easily. This is the reason we decided to increase the size of Rombo Diamond a little bit and make it small-medium. The first prototype was only 25 mm high.

Guitar Pick Size

Furthermore, we decided to increase the width to match the regular size of a thumb.

Guitar pick shape

The shape of a guitar pick is often overlooked. However, in the case of Rombo Diamond, thanks to its form and the pointy guitar pick tip, the attack and the control are substantially increased.

The pointy guitar pick tip, with only 3 mm in diameter, was designed to provide maximum note control.

Guitar Pick Sharp

Guitar Pick infographic

Guitar Pick Shape

The angle of the tip is wide enough to let your guitar strings slide longer.

Rombo Diamond has a slight bevel edge, mainly used to increase the guitar playing speed.

With a rounded bevel like this, the attack of the guitar pick gets smoother, a feature that changes the feedback you receive when you use specific techniques.

This is only possible for guitar picks with enough thickness, and it is very popular because of the feeling of easiness it provides while playing guitar.

Guitar pick thickness and guitar pick flexibility

The guitar pick thickness mainly defines how flexible a guitar pick is. However, other aspects like tone and ergonomics are mostly influenced by the thickness of the pick.

Rombo Diamond has guitar pick variable thickness along its body. This means that this guitar pick has different thicknesses for the hold area and for the tip area.

Guitar Pick Thickness

The thickness of the tip is 1,35 mm, providing enough space for the bevel edge mentioned before. This can be considered as a heavy/thick guitar pick.

The thickness of the hold area varies due to the diamond design. At the highest point, right in the middle where all the vertices create the diamond design, it is 2,65 mm thick.

The variable thickness on Rombo Diamond has been implemented primarily for two reasons:

  • It increases the feeling of control because the pick is easier to hold

  • It increases the bass tones, creating a much thicker tone

Both dimensions create a very rigid guitar pick.

The thickness of a guitar pick is also an essential factor in terms of durability. The shape and bevel combined with the polished tip and its thickness make this pick very durable.

3 - Guitar pick Materials and Surfaces

Guitar pick material

The material of a guitar pick is strictly connected to its flexibility and tone.

Rombo Diamond is offered in the Rombo polymer and the EcoBlack polymer, which offer the same characteristics.

The polymer we use is an improved variation of nylon designed to increase the durability and cause some tone changes. It is manufactured in Italy.

Guitar Pick Materials

Since we use the same material for all our guitar picks, this part of the analysis will be skipped. We have already created an extended article regarding the materials that can be found here.

Guitar pick design

The Guitar Pick design is obviously inspired by a diamond shaped geometry. Rombo Diamond was meant to be hard, durable and rigid, therefore this design matches its mechanical attributes very well.

The functional surfaces were distributed in a way to enhance the diamond form. The grip area in the middle makes the diamond visible, while the polished areas give the shape and tip more optical clarity.

Guitar Pick design

As we will see in the next chapter, the 3D surfaces were designed as functional surfaces to improve the grip. However, with the first prototypes, we realized that this was a very nice way to explore more design nuances.

Guitar pick grip

For the grip of Rombo Diamond, there are three aspects to consider:

  • The material

  • The 3D Geometry
  • The micro-nodules texture 

The micronodules texture is the texture we developed to create a comfortable grip. Usually, this texture wouldn’t be enough for a good grip and for this reason, we incremented the grip using the right material and 3D surfaces.

The 3D surfaces with the shape of a diamond have different thicknesses and tilted angles that fold the surface in different directions. This increases the grip substantially and avoids the rotation of the pick while playing.

For the people who like to hold the pick on the back side, we created a tunnel to compensate for the thickness reduction this area has.

Guitar Pick Grip

We consider Rombo Diamond to be a pick with medium grip.

Guitar pick colors

Currently Rombo Diamond is offered in the following colors.

Guitar Pick colors

Manufacturing technique

Rombo Diamond is manufactured using an engineering technology called injection molding, in which melted polymers are forced to fill a mold and get a specific shape.

After that, there is a small mark called “the gate” in the back of the pick, which is where the melted material flows through to enter the mould. After the production, this manufacturing mark is treated by hand to make it smaller and less visible.

Guitar pick manufacturing

The borders of the pick have a parting line which is also removed post-production to increase the quality of the borders of the guitar pick.

Guitar Pick manufacturing


Rombo Diamond is manufactured by automatic processes. However, a post treatment by hand is necessary to achieve the quality Rombo pursues.

4 - Guitar pick sound

Guitar Pick tone

So far, we have defined Rombo Diamond as a very thick, small-medium guitar pick, with a sharp tip. These are the typical characteristics of a pick that produces very bright tones.

However, due to the variable thickness mentioned before, we incremented the dynamic range of the guitar pick, allowing the player to enjoy some bass dark tones as well.

Usually, guitar picks with a very heavy attack can reduce the sustain of your guitar tone. With these small thickness changes we solved this problem.

The polished guitar pick tip, combined with its shape, enhances the bright tones and allows you to play some of the harmonic techniques on an electric guitar more easily. 

The bevel edge can create those beautiful thick and compressed tones that we all like for distortion and overdrive.

Rombo Diamond is a pick that produces bright and clear tones, but with slightly dark shades in the background, which makes the sound richer and more complete.

Guitar Pick Noise

Because of the integrated bevel edge, the material toughness, the shape, the pointy polished tip, and the thickness, we consider Rombo Diamond to be a guitar pick that creates lower pick noise.

Guitar Pick Diamond

5 - Guitar pick techniques

Rombo Diamond was designed for the advanced player who likes speed, volume, attack, and control, but still wants a sophisticated tone and more than just power.

It is mainly intended for electric guitars.

Arpeggios and shred techniques like sweep, alternate, and tremolo picking are good examples of techniques which can be improved using the right guitar picks.

For strumming and palm mute, using Rombo Diamond can give you a much thicker and complete sound creating a bigger atmosphere when playing guitar.

6 - Pricing

Rombo Diamond is currently offered only in guitar pick sets containing four guitar picks in different color combinations and a packaging card with extra information about the pick attributes.


This pick is also included in the Variety Pack from Rombo, with other guitar pick models.

7 - Conclusion

Size: Small-Medium

Shape: Pointy tip, sharp attack angle

Thickness: Heavy with variable thickness. Hold area: 2,65 mm - Attack area: 1,35 mm

Materials: Rombo Polymer and EcoBlack

Durability: Very high

Design: Diamond Design with two different surface types.

Grip: Medium, micro-nodules combined with 3D Surfaces

Colors available: Graphite Black, Water Blue, Strawberry Red, Honey Yellow, EcoBlack

Manufacturing technique: Injection moulding and hand processing of the borders.

Tone: Bright, clear tones with a bass nuance on the background caused by the geometry.

Pick noise: Low

Techniques: Mostly electric guitar. Lead guitar techniques and high volume distortion.

Pricing: Guitar Pick Set Rombo Diamond


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Justin Elliott
Justin Elliott

Januar 02, 2021

I purchased 4 Diamond picks at the beginning of December 2020.
Best picks I’ve used to date. Perfect for fast accurate alternate picking, fast metal rhythm work but also equally great for clean funky strumming, all with superior grip which is essential. I am eager to try out the new Rombo Horizon in the coming months. Fantastic product from a fantastic company.

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