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Do Guitar Picks Make a Difference? - Guitar Picks 2021


Reinventing the Guitar Pick: Rombo 2.0

In our first campaign, we focused on outstanding technology at affordable prices. We are now determined to take this to the next level and have designed our guitar picks as an extension to your hands, using the latest technology, materials, and smart models, with your comfort in mind.

We are now focusing on YOU, and your experience, using a fresh design. 

Rethinking the Idea of a Guitar Pick 

Guitar picks are the bridge between you and your instrument. A hidden hero in the hands of guitarists. A guitar pick is a very personal item and choosing the right one depends on several factors.

Guitar Pick Rombo JadeRombo Jade Guitar Pick Set in color Honey Yellow

Back in 2018, ROMBO was born with a mission: Question every aspect of a guitar pick, to redefine what the user really needs. We started our personal search for the perfect balance between tone and ergonomics.

We have learned a lot during the last 3 years, and finally, we are ready to offer new experiences to guitar and bass players around the globe.

Guitar Pick Rombo Crisp

Rombo Crisp Guitar Pick Set in color Graphite BlackGuitar Pick Set

Try Out Mix Guitar Pick Set

Fresh Approaches

During the creation of these new 4 plectrums, we used the following rules as a guideline:

●  Work very closely with many professional guitarists.

●  Question our own first designs

●  Redefine what a user needs to get the best performance.

● Perform in-depth research, to find the best material improvements.

In addition, we conducted a big survey, (1552 guitarists from 31 countries participated), to define the thicknesses, shape, size, and even the names of the new guitar picks.

After a long product development process, we have reached the point where we are extremely happy with the results!

Guitar Pick Rombo Horizon

Rombo Horizon Guitar Pick in color Graphite Black

The constant Search for the perfect Material

We are using a thermoplastic polymer, which belongs to the family of the polyamides. This material is used in aerospace and automobile industries, and has high mechanical strength, excellent impact resistance (guitar strings), and superior aesthetic properties.

We believe we have achieved an excellent balance between sound, comfort, grip, aesthetic properties, and durability.

In addition, we offer all our picks in EcoBlack: A 100% recycled material from pre-consumer fibre waste.

Guitar Pick Set EcoBlack

Rombo Guitar Pick Set EcoBlack material

Guitar Pick Recycled

Special Attributes we always wanted for our Guitar Picks

When it comes to guitar picks there are four main attributes: thickness, shape, material, and size. These attributes define 80% percent of a guitar pick.

However, the last 20%, contains improvements, and attention to detail, making the playing experience much more comfortable, giving you better results, and a more enjoyable playing experience.

These aspects are essential, to get the most out of this guitar accessory.

Here are the 6 features we have defined for all of our ROMBO guitar picks:

Guitar Pick Special

Guitar pick polished

A mirror polished guitar pick reduces friction between guitar pick and strings. With every impact, the guitar pick will suffer less friction and therefore wear down slower. The pick will glide better, and produces less pick noise.

Guitar pick horizon rombo

All of our picks have variable thicknesses: The solid and thick body, gives you a better grip and control. The thinner tip will give you enough flexibility to achieve greater versatility when developing different guitar techniques.

What makes a Guitar Pick durable?

The attributes that define the durability of a guitar pick are as follows:

  • Guitar Pick Material
  • Guitar Pick Thickness
  • Guitar Pick Tip Shape
  • Guitar Pick Tip Texture

Harder materials will wear down slower. This is one of the reasons there has been a lot of research in the area of suitable materials for guitar picks.

The goal is to find a wear-resistant material, that keeps the tone characteristics that guitar players want, while still giving a good grip.

Other attributes of the pick that affect the durability, are the Tip Shape, and the Tip Texture. Very pointed guitar tips tend to wear down faster, because there is less material on the tip.

However, this problem can be partially solved with the right guitar pick tip texture. A polished tip on the guitar pick will cause less friction between strings and plectrum.

Surfaces and Textures on Guitar Picks: Finding the Balance

Textures on guitar picks, define not only the important aspects like grip, control, and friction between the strings and guitar pick, but also focus on the equally important details, like comfort, pick noise, and design.

We believe textures on guitar picks are essential for a tool that was designed to be held between your fingers.

Guitar Pick grip


The combination of two different surface finishes in the guitar picks, have convinced us, and our testers, of the potential gains a player can achieve:

  • A polished tip for clarity, durability and control
  • A micro-nodules texture in the centre of the guitar pick for the most comfortable holding without compromising grip

Guitar Pick Rombo Jade

Rombo Jade Guitar Pick Set in color Honey Yellow

Guitar Pick Rombo Horizon

Rombo Prisma Guitar Pick Set in color Graphite Black

Guitar Pick Rombo Prisma

Rombo Horizon Guitar Pick Set in mixed colors

Guitar Pick Rombo Crisp

Rombo Crisp Guitar Pick Set in color Honey Yellow


The New Rombo Guitar Picks


The wide curvature on the body and tip allows you to slide smoothly through the guitar strings. Its curious-shaped raised hill on the body ensures splendid comfortable hold.

Guitar Pick Horizon


A classic shape enhanced by modern surface technology. The geometry on the main body has different height levels for the most comfortable holding and grip.

Guitar Pick Prisma


Medium thickness combined with geometric concave design surfaces. The result? unexpected flexibility with great bass tones. Its medium-sharped tip provides extra warm tones.

Guitar Pick Crisp

ROMBO JADE - 2,3 mm

Maximum precision. Perfect for shredding guitar techniques. Its wide bevel edge, combined with a decent body thickness, provides a supreme attack, without compromising bass tones.

Guitar Pick Rombo Jade


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Howell Selburn
Howell Selburn

Januar 03, 2021

You may have converted me to thick picks!


Januar 02, 2021

I’m very excited about Rombo new picks!!! I can’t wait to try them all :)

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