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How To Hold A Guitar Pick

In case you are trying to learn the guitar, the first thing you need to know is how to hold a guitar pick the right way.

Guitar pick or plectrum is a small object that you hold in your hands and play the guitar strings. The quality of guitar you are playing depends mainly on the way you are holding its pick.

So, before you officially start learning guitar, you should learn to hold the plectrum in the right manner. 

Guitar picks colors

Mentioned below in this article are some of the tips and tricks which you can use for holding the guitar pick in your hand so that it doesn’t feel awkward and helps you in playing the guitar in the most suitable way. 

Holding A Guitar Pick

The first and the easiest manner of holding a guitar plectrum is that you keep it in between your index finger and your thumb. Hold it in a way that it fits tightly in between your fingers. Now keep the position of your in such a manner that it can easily brush all the strings of your guitar.

How to hold a guitar pick

As while playing, you will have to move the plectrum all over the strings and in order to be able to play guitar perfectly, the plectrum needs to touch all of the strings easily. 

Hold a guitar pick

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that there are a lot of different types of plectrums available in the market and you should choose the one that works best for you. Once you have chosen the perfect pick, try to practice with it as much as possible. 

We created a four-step guide to choosing your guitar pick, which you can find here:


Brush it against the strings of your guitar so that your hands move easily and it produces a sound.

More Methods For Holding A Plectrum

Another technique that you can use to hold a guitar pick in your hand is that you keep it in your dominant hand. This is the hand that you use the most, so it will be easier for you to keep the plectrum in it and play the guitar.

Some people prefer to play the guitar chords with the hand that they don’t use more often i.e non-dominant. So by holding the plectrum in your dominant hand and controlling the chords with no dominant one, you can easily brush the guitar strings and produce music. 


Now place your one hand on the neck of the guitar and hold the plectrum between your index finger and thumb of the dominant hand. Keep in mind that the strings of your guitar are facing away from you. Keep the guitar on your knees, as for a beginner, it is easier to play the guitar while sitting. But in case you want to play standing up, you can use a shoulder strap so that it is easier for you to control.

Keep your hand steady but flexible. Steady because you need to hold the guitar plectrum and flexible because you need to keep brushing it over all of the strings.

Hold guitar pick

A good sound will only be produced if you are moving your hands the right way. Keeping them too rigid will result in an unpleasant sound which no one likes to listen to. But once again, keep in mind that a good sound can only be produced after practice.

guitar pick hand

During the initial times, you only need to focus on getting your hands used to the guitar. So that it knows where the strings are, which chords to play and where to keep the plectrums. These are the basic skills that everyone needs to learn before officially starting out various tunes on the guitar.

For those more advanced guitarists looking to improve their guitar playing speed, click HERE.

Things To Keep In Mind

Once you are in your comfortable position, rest your hand holding the plectrum on the strings of the guitar. Keep in mind that your hand should cover at least half of the plectrum. Some of the picks are made in a way that they are folded from one side to easily fit your index finger and your thumb on it. 

guitar pick durable

Here you can find an example: Rombo Origami

Keep the grip of your hand as firm as possible but make sure it is easily movable so that once you start playing, you can brush the strings without making any extra effort. Never loosen your grip on the plectrum because it might fall off your hand while playing.

More Things To Focus

Now if you are a beginner, it is good that you are trying to get as much help as possible because this will help you in becoming a good guitarist within a minimum amount of time. By now, you do know how to carefully hold a plectrum (i.e between your index finger and thumb) now rest it over the strings. 

Keep in mind that it should just lightly brush them so that only placing it there doesn’t produce any sound. The sound of your guitar must only be produced once you are moving the plectrum all over the strings. 

Play guitar

One side of the strings is thin while the other one is thicker, practice on your guitar by gently moving your hand from the thicker side of the string to the thinner one. Although during the initial stages, rhythms produced would be rough but don’t worry about it. As you are only learning to hold the plectrum in the right way. There is a lot of time for learning guitar but prior to that, practicing is the most important thing that you need to do. 

As this is the starting phase, try to practice as much as possible. As practicing will not only make your hand steady but it will also help you in maintaining your physical strength. The more your practice, the better you will be at playing guitar.

All successful guitarists need to play for hours in front of their audience and a person is only able to do that if he has done enough practicing.

Guitar lessons

So, in case you are taking more time trying to hold the guitar plectrum in the right way, tune the string or adjust the strap, don't worry about it. As all the great guitar players have started from this exact step so just polish your skills and you too will be an amazing guitarist really soon.

Note: There are many annoying things in life, but there’s nothing more annoying than losing a guitar pick you just had in your hand, and then realize that it has disappeared forever! - 4 Tips To Not Lose Your Guitar Picks

The Guitar Picks We Use Impact How We Play

If your hands do an arduous job, then you must give them the right tools, right?

The material with which it is made can influence the definition of tone, attack, and flexibility. Therefore, without paying attention to it, you could hardly find your personal sound.

Are you curious about the materials used for the Rombo guitar picks?

Read a full article about it here:



3 Antworten

Pick Master
Pick Master

Mai 23, 2020

I have just shown this article to my son.
Thanks, guys, I did not know how to explain it :)


April 12, 2020

Hey Marcus,

Thanks a lot for the comment!
You can try with Rombo Diamond. However, for beginners, it could feel uncomfortable to play with thick picks.
It depends on your goals as a guitarist. If you are willing to become a lead guitarist, then Diamond will be your choice sooner of later :)
Keep improving!


April 12, 2020

I am a beginner and those content/pictures are amazing.
Thx guys!
btw: I’ve been using Origami since the beginning. Do you think I should try with Rombo Diamond with its 2mm?

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