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I am new here, what is the best Rombo guitar pick for me?
These are the best places to start:
Variety Pack
Guitar Pick Finder
Do you ship to my country?
We ship to Europe, North America, Canada, and Australia. 
We also have many dealers around the world (South America, Asia, Africa, …). You can check HERE if there is a dealer in your country.
How long does the shipping take?
We ship directly from Stuttgart, Germany. Depending on where you live the shipping time can vary. During 2021 the average shipping time was 7 days for Europe and 10 days to the USA or Canada. More here.
Do the picks also work for bass?
Yes, the picks also work for bass. Actually, the right question is:
Is there a wrong way to play an instrument? Any method you use to get sound out of your instrument - fingers, pick, nails, palms of your hands, etc - can work, if the sound produced is the sound you are looking for. It is entirely a matter of personal preferences.
What are the picks made of?
We are using a thermoplastic polymer that belongs to the family of polyamides. This material is used in the aerospace and automobile industries.
To simplify the answer, it is an improved version of Nylon in terms of tone, durability, and ergonomics.
It is manufactured in Italy. More details can be found here.
Do you make custom/signature picks?
No, we do not make any custom or signature picks.
Rombo is very community-oriented and the meaning of terms like sponsorships or signature/custom picks follow the opposite direction.
Are your picks available in other thicknesses?
No, there is only one thickness option per pick.

We want every guitar pick to be unique. As every person has unique preferences, we believe every guitar pick should have its own design.

In the future, we hope to be able to create a bigger quantity of different plectrum designs to cover each possible necessity.

Do you have any audio tests with Rombo guitar picks?
We thought about this topic many times and decided not to create any audio samples.
The sound of the audio file is influenced by many aspects: The guitar & amp, the microphone, the technique of the guitar player, the mixing of the audio, your speakers or headphones, etc...
Therefore, audio samples wouldn't add too much value.
Can I get free guitar pick samples?
We get inquiries for free samples every day.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer any free sample packs. Otherwise, our business model won't work and there won't be anybody creating these guitar picks :)
Payment, returns, private data
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