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The right guitar pick for you

We want to help you solve one of the most difficult tasks every guitar player faces: how to choose the right guitar pick.

We know how complex guitar picks can be. Qualities such as pick thickness, material, shape, and size define the character of a pick. The tone produced by the pick, its flexibility, guitar pick grip, how adequate the pick is for different techniques, and even how much pick noise will the pick produce.

There are three ways to find your ideal pick:


Write us an E-Mail and answer the 7 questions below and we will send you a personalized suggestion according to your needs. We try to answer every mail in less than 72 hours.

- Do you play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or bass?
- What music genre do you play?
- Are you a lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist, or both?
- Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced player?
- In case you are an advanced player, what are your favorite techniques?
- Do you prefer bright or warm tones?
- Do you prefer flexible or rigid picks?

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