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Guitar Pick Features

Special characteristics we always wanted for our guitar picks

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chose guitar pick

How To Chose Your Guitar Pick

4 Attributes You Should Know About

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guitar pick grip

we think textures are essential

Two different textures.

Two different functions.

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Guitar pick textures
guitar pick recycled

high-quality polymers

discover our EcoBlack range out of 100% recycled fibre waste

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Guitar picks designed and engineered in Stuttgart, Germany

We are Judith and Carlos, two highly motivated people trying to innovate in the world of guitar picks. We live in Stuttgart, Germany, we are best friends and happy adventure partners. Our dream is to get enough support to continue our research in this amazing area. 

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Guitar pick recycled

We take advice from real guitarists

Together, we will define the thicknesses, the size, and even the names of our new guitar picks.


Rombopicks Gallery

Guitar picks pictures we created for promotional purposes can be found here.

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guitar pick case

DIY Pick Case

Download the template for your own unique DIY GUITAR Pick Case

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Join The Team

Discover how to co-develop these guitar picks by clicking on the picture. 

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