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Rethinking the idea of the guitar pick

Do guitar picks really make a difference?

Guitar picks are the bridge between you and your instrument, a hidden hero in the hands of most guitarists, and the loudest amplifier in your hands. If you have a better definition, we'd love to hear it!

The ergonomic design surfaces and the micronodules grip structure provide anatural hold and the most comfortable grip.

• Superior durability as a result of the usage of high-quality materialsand a high-mirror polished guitar pick tip.

One-of-a-kind designs with guitar picks of variable thickness for the idealbalance of hold and attack areas.

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We all know how complex guitar picks can be. Qualities such as pick thickness, material, shape, and size define the character of a pick.

A guitar pick is a very personal item, and selecting the best one for you is dependent on a number of factors. There is no such thing as a perfect pick, but each pick serves a specific purpose, has strengths and weaknesses, and performs differently when used with different techniques or instruments.

The right guitar pick for you will be the pick that makes you feel most comfortable with your playing style and will meet your needs in terms of tone and control.

The right guitar pick can make you feel like a guitar hero. You just have to find it!

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Guitar picks designed and engineered in Stuttgart, Germany

We are Judith and Carlos, a happily married couple trying to innovate in the world of guitar picks. We live near Stuttgart, Germany.

We both love music, guitars, product development, challenges, and attention to detail, so Rombo was the perfect excuse to mix all these things together and have some amazing adventures.

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New Rombo guitar pick variety pack!

During the creation of the new plectrums, we used the following rules as a guideline:

●  Work very closely with many professional guitarists.

●  Question our own first designs

●  Redefine what a user needs to get the best performance.

● Perform in-depth research, to find the best material improvements.

In addition, we conducted a big survey, (1552 guitarists from 31 countries participated), to define the thicknesses, shape, size, and even the names of the new guitar picks.

Variety Pack

100% recycled guitar picks

At Rombo, we decided to adapt the properties of common Nylon by changing its formula. We were able to keep the tonal properties of Nylon and improve its durability and grip.

This material is manufactured in Italy and has the following properties:

• High-mechanical strength
• Versatile (rigid or flexible -depending on the treatment and thickness
• Excellent impact resistance (guitar strings)
• Superior aesthetic properties
• Medium / low friction

We believe we have achieved an excellent balance between, sound, comfort, aesthetic properties, and durability.

In addition, we offer all our picks in EcoBlack: A 100% recycled material from pre-consumer fiber waste.

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