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When I play I really dig in, so I need a pick that's going to allow that. The Origami model feels secure and durable, yet flexible.


The Rombo Origami really did surpass my expectations! I thought "how much of an effect could a pick possibly have?"... well, I'm very happy I tried it! This very comfortable pick just fit right into my hand with the creases and curves. The comfort combined with the design of the tip of the pick ultimately lead to me getting a very nice warm sound out of it.


I enjoy using a pick that allows for fast playing and provides a good grip. The Rombo Diamond pick is definitely a pick that does great in both those categories. It is a good pick for any type of playing whether if be lead it be rhythm guitar.


High quality picks that feel great in use thanks to the well thought out designs.


From the beginning, the Rombo range felt like something different. Everything from the packaging to the photos released pulsed with professionalism and, most important, care - it wasn't a vanity project or a throwaway marketing endeavour. The range has a purpose, and offers a different take on picks, with each shape having a reason for being rather than simply offering a different thicknesses or a singular approach.


I loved the Diamond pick! Picks is the number one accessory a guitarist need in quantity so having eco-friendly picks definitely is a good move! The recycled material gives the pick its own defined sounds compared to traditional plastic picks, very cool!.


The thick contoured and compact size surface of Rombo Waves provides a satisfiying grip experience, I felt in love with it because of how easy it is to transition between strings, lead to me getting an amazing warm sound and control.


"Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting", Sun Tzu said.

Break the string resistance without fighting is with Rombo picks. Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.


Rombo Origami is an innovative plectrum. It changed the way I play. The concave surface allows for an optimal and comfortable grip. It is flexible at the right point for a good strumming but also for a good solo. The design is perfect in combination with the ergonomics. I felt in love with it.


The Rombo Diamond guitar pick is unlike anything I've used before. Rigid enough for fast picking, but flexible enough for smooth strumming with the ergonomics to grip the pick easily. A very well thought out design from a company that clearly cares about picks.


Many think of the instrument as the only important element when building your own sound, but I have always considered the choice of the right pick as essential and defining.

Rombo Diamond matches 100% my perfect idea of size, feel, thickness, flexibility and grip. It's the perfect pick, the best bridge for a top connection and contact point between my electric guitar and me.


The Rombo guitar picks surprised me in a very positive way.
Rombo Origami is the most versatile plectrum I have ever had and it provides me with the control I need, keeping a little bit of flexibility on the attack area. Amazing for clean tones!