Guitar picks are the bridge between you and your instrument. Like most of us, you surely spent a lot of time choosing your guitar, your favourite pedals, amps, and even the strings or the jack cable. But, what about your pick? You probably didn’t think much about it and you are using the same pick you used early in your career. The sound of an instrument depends highly on the kind of pick you are using.

We are Judith and Carlos, two highly motivated people trying to innovate in the world of guitar picks. We live in Stuttgart, Germany, we are best friends and happy adventure partners. Our dream is to get enough support to continue our research in this amazing area. New materials are waiting for us, new ideas that we want to show you, awesome designs that we want to launch, and a bunch of songs to play! We appreciate your support and hope to share our achievements with you.


We would like to hear your opinion about the guitar picks we developed and the website we built. This feedback helps us a lot. Please write to info@rombopicks.com and start a conversation with us.

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