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The Guitar Picks Variety Pack Rombo EcoBlack (12 Guitar Picks) consists of:

- 1 Rombo Classic | 0.45 mm
- 1 Rombo Mosaic | 0.65 mm
- 1 Rombo Dune | 0.7 mm
- 1 Rombo Origami | 0.75 mm
- 1 Rombo Prisma | 0.8 mm
- 1 Rombo Shell | 0.95 mm
- 1 Rombo Crisp | 1 mm
- 1 Rombo Waves | 1.25 mm
- 1 Rombo Horizon | 1.4 mm
- 1 Rombo Diamond | 2 mm
- 1 Rombo Erebus | 2.15 mm
- 1 Rombo Jade | 2.3 mm

All picks in EcoBlack colour 100% out of pre-consumer fibre waste.

If every song has different requirements, why always use the same guitar pick?

Different guitar picks make a difference in your tone and your playing. Qualities such as pick thickness, material, shape, and size define the character of a pick and play an important role in your tone and playability.

A guitar pick variety pack is the best option for players looking to experiment with textures, tones, and guitar pick techniques.

Great for beginners who haven't decided their guitar path.
Great for intermediate-advance players who pursue tone exploration.


We believe shapes, materials, and textures are completely essential to fully control every chord. Guitar picks can help us achieve this.

When it comes to guitar picks there are four main attributes: thickness, shape, material, and size. These attributes define 80% percent of a guitar pick.

However, the last 20%, contains improvements, and attention to detail, making the playing experience much more comfortable, giving you better results, and a more enjoyable playing experience.

These aspects are essential to get the most out of this guitar accessory.

guitar pick characteristics


Guitar picks made out of 100% pre-consumer fibre waste.

- 90% Co2 reduction
- 65% less energy consumed
- 61% less resources needed

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Since 2019, Rombo has been researching surface finish and design in order to find the perfect balance between grip, ergonomics, and function in guitar picks and other guitar accessories.

We are Judith and Carlos. We both love music, guitars, product development, challenges, and attention to detail, so Rombo was the perfect excuse to mix all these things together and have some amazing adventures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great variety, superb versatility

I haven't been playing guitar too long and this was my first venture into trying out different picks to see whether or not it would make a difference to me yet at all. Turns out this was a fantastic set to dial in what my preferences were and I narrowed it down to about 10 of the styles in this pack, 3 of the others were fine enough and 3 I did not get on with very well. That's an extremely successful result and I'm excited to play more because being comfortable with the pick made it feel a lot easier to play almost immediately!

Florent Shelly

Just got my set delivered yesterday: I ordered it expecting great things from the "Crisp" shape; ended up pleasantly surprised by the "Prisma" model instead! Might order more of these in the future to mix up the colors a little bit... I'll have to test their durability and how they sound on recording first. They look sure like they can sustain some amount of play before wearing out, though!

Carlos Hausmann
excellent bundle option!

I got this sample pack and I was not dissapointed. The ones I especially liked were the Shell, and the Jade (very precise attack), and the Dune (smooth strumming). There's still no going wrong with a standard medium thickness pick, but if you want a few picks that each do one task really well this is an excellent bundle option!