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Guitar Strap Blocks Set Rombo (2 Strap Blocks)

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The Guitar Strap Block Set consists of 2 strap blocks.

- Made of high-quality silicone.
- Fits most strap button types.
- It provides a tight fit without any modification to your guitar.
- Durable - Long time usage
- Suitable for guitar, bass, or ukelele.
- Available in different color combinations.

The guitar strap block does not use any adhesive. It doesn't damage the guitar or guitar strap in any way.

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Secure your guitar

A strap block is one of the most essential guitar accessories. It's a crucial tool for those who want to prevent their instrument from slipping and falling onto the floor!

This is why strap blocks are the best, low budget option to consider as a must-have accessory for guitars. Using strap blocks offers you a worry-free experience, no matter what movements you perform on stage.

Here are the main features of the ROMBO strap blocks:

- Keep your strap in place, protect your guitar
- Easy to change out
- Made of high-quality materials
- Durable, long-lasting usage
- No need to replace or remove existing strap buttons
- Available in black and white
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