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Guitar Pick Set Rombo Diamond (4 Guitar Picks) - 2 mm

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graphite black
water blue
strawberry red
honey yellow
mixed colors

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The Rombo Diamond Pick Set (4 guitar picks) consists of:

- 4 x Rombo Diamond | 2 mm

Exceptional picking control and accuracy. Favourite amongst advanced guitarists. The hole in the middle provides extra control and grip rate. Sharp tip for high attack, and clean bright tone.

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Born in the hands of guitarists

Consider Rombo guitar picks to be your new guitar accessory, granting you the opportunity to stay flexible to changes and new experiences. We believe shapes, materials, and textures are completely essential to fully control every chord. Guitar picks can help us achieve this.



  • These are the special characteristics we always wanted for our guitar picks. They provide the proper grip, stiffness, add durability and improve the holding.

Guitar Pick Special Attributes


  • Exceptional picking control and accuracy.
  • Hole in the middle for extra control and grip.
  • Sharp tip for high attack, and clean bright tones.
  • Beveled edge
  • Available in 4 colours
Guitar Pick Hard


Guitar Pick Thick

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